Masters have been produced for the following kits in our new rangeof armoured car models.  They will be released as production timescales permit.



Austin 3rd series armoured car - British pattern   




Austin 3rd series armoured car - Indian pattern


British Lanchester (will include interior detail)




WDAC1 - Austin series 3 British Pattern armoured car


This redesigned kit now features all resin parts for a finer and more detailed model including new, hollow turrets with open hatches to allow crew figures to be used.  The British pattern car has spoked wheels and hotchkiss machine guns.

Downloadable instructions (available here)







WDAC2 - Austin series 3 Indian Pattern armoured car


The Indian pattern armoured car features solid wheels and Vickers machine guns

 Downloadable instructions (available here)










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 courtesey of Plithydirtyanimal

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 WDAC3 Lanchester

Lanchester model.  The kit is multimedia using resin and white metal detailed etch and a transfer set. Available now.

 Downloadable Instructions Available here




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